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Make the most of testing in CI with Cypress Dashboard

 Cypress Dashboard accelerates and optimizes every facet of your testing. Push your code with confidence, every time.

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Optimize test speeds in CI, and spend more time developing


Split your tests across multiple CI machines to optimize your test runs and increase velocity.

Load Balancing

Balance your spec files across available machines in your CI provider to minimize run time. 

Run Cancelation

Protect valuable CI resources by canceling your remaining test run if a single test fails.

Failure Prioritization

Run your previously failed test specs first to speed up the feedback loop on your next run.


reduction in manual regression suite


tests conducted in 30 days


faster test suite run times via parallelization
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Increase velocity (and decrease frustration) while debugging errors

Test Recording

Run Cypress with any CI provider and record test results to Dashboard for immediate failure feedback.

Screenshots & Videos

Automatically capture screenshots of test failures and watch a video replay of the entire test run.

Stack Trace Errors

Identify the root causes of failures using detailed stack traces and complete test definitions.

Test History

Analyze past test failure rates, speeds, flake, and commits with Dashboard’s complete test history.

Proactively identify risks to your application before they ship to production

Project Health

Understand failure and error trends relative to the total number of tests ran in your project.

Test Suite Analytics

Ensure adequate code coverage by tracking your total test suite size and runs over time.

Flake Detection

Pinpoint and prioritize chronically flaky tests based on flake recency and severity.

Failure & Error Summary

Surface the most commonly occurring test failures and associated errors in your test suite.

"We realized pretty quickly that Cypress was a winner. It combines everything we need into a single tool that feels familiar, but easy to teach and use."

— Todd Williams, GoFundMe, Senior QA Automation Engineer

Plug into the workflows you and your team use every day

Enterprise Integration

Integrate Dashboard with your source control to see test run results as commit status checks and pull request comments, directly in your team’s source control.

Real-time Visibility

Improve your team's collaboration and give wider visibility into your test suite's performance by integrating Dashboard with Slack.

Seamless Issue Creation

Create issues for failed tests on-the-fly, and review historical issues, using Dashboard’s integration with JIRA — all from within Dashboard’s UI.

The Web has evolved. Finally, testing has too.

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About Cypress


Cypress is the market leader in automated web application testing. Its easy-to-use platform gives developers the power to write, run, and debug tests with unmatched ease, accuracy, and speed.

Cypress is trusted by engineering teams and companies of all sizes worldwide to help them deliver higher quality applications faster. Backed by a passionate community and top-tier venture capital firms, Cypress serves hundreds of thousands of users across 3,700 customers in 77 countries and 70 industries.


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