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How Lightstep Quadrupled Deployment Velocity with Cypress

Wednesday, April 15  @ 2PM EDT/11AM PDT

Lightstep’s full-context observability platform helps provide crucial insight to developers. Find out how they wrote a whole-product test suite with Cypress to increase deployment, confidence, and quality.

Tune in on April 15th to learn how Lightstep quadrupled their deployment velocity with Cypress.

In this webcast, Jonah Moses and Ted Pennings, Product Engineers at Lightstep, and Gleb Bahmutov, VP of Engineering at Cypress, will explore how Lightstep uses Cypress to comprehensively test their data-driven applications in multiple environments, across user roles with feature flags for rapid feature development.

The Lightstep Product Engineering Team will recap how they went from a 15-page document of step-by-step QA instructions for each deployment to their current Cypress implementation, including:

  • How they automated their test suite, significantly lowering operational overhead
  • How switching to Cypress allowed them to deploy much more often
  • How they cover all the facets of testing their application

Finally, the Lightstep team will cover how they’ve written a whole-product test suite that spans frontend code to backend code—which has even caught multiple regressions in backend APIs. They’ll show how they run tests with real-world data (what their sales team uses to demo to prospects), and how they trust Cypress to increase the reliability of this vital business process.

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