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How Optimizely Tests Features and Feature Flags 300% Faster with Cypress

Wednesday, June 10th  @ 2PM EDT/11AM PDT

Optimizely’s Progressive Delivery & Experimentation platform helps companies deliver better software, products, and growth. Find out how the team uses Cypress to ensure quality across multiple platforms and third party integrations.

Tune in on June 10th to learn how Optimizely's QA team uses Cypress to ensure new features are tested and deployed with confidence.

In this webcast, we’ll cover how Optimizely’s QA team used Cypress to run tests 300% faster with parallelization, perform E2E testing 86% faster than with Selenium, increase new feature coverage by 40%, and decrease incoming issues by 70%.  

Next, we will dive into the world of feature flags, including:

  • How Optimizely chooses when to write automation tests for feature flags
  • When not to write tests for feature flags
  • How Cypress makes it easier when you need to test your flags

Finally, we’ll conclude the webcast by showing how Optimizely’s QA team has reduced their untested code from 28% to 0% using Cypress.

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