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How Pendo maintains a culture of quality with Cypress

Wednesday, April 7th @ 5PM GMT/1PM EDT/10AM PDT

Pendo's product cloud provides user insight, user guidance, and user communication for thousands of digital product teams—all while maintaining a first-class industry reputation. Find out why Pendo's quality engineers chose Cypress to rebuild their test suite and continue their commitment to quality. 

Tune in on April 7th to learn how Pendo uses Cypress test automation to maintain their culture of quality.

In this webcast, we'll introduce one of Pendo’s unique products—Guides—and the team’s approach to testing this complex application.

Next, you'll learn:

  • Why the QE team switched to Cypress for testing
  • How they scaled Cypress within their organization (including getting developers to write tests alongside QE)
  • The steps they took to rebuild their test suite using Cypress features like Test Retries and Flaky Test Detection

Finally, we’ll explore how the team increased their product test coverage, ran their tests 86% faster, and even increased their NPS score by using Cypress for their test automation. We’ll conclude the presentation with live Q&A from our audience. 

NoteIf you can't attend the live broadcast, go ahead and register anyway - we'll be sure to send a recording of the webcast to all registrants.

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