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Siemens Software Hub

375% Increase in Test Execution Speed

The Siemens Software (SW) Hub Cloud team has the daunting task of ensuring that all systems work properly for their Smart Infrastructure cloud product: Building Operator. With thousands of clients
relying on the Building Operator to keep everything running smoothly, the Siemens SW Hub Cloud team is under pressure to run hundreds of fast, efficient and comprehensive tests across multiple platforms daily.

Siemens achieved the following results while using Cypress:

  • 49% reduction in test code
  • 38% increase in productivity
  • 375% increase in test execution speed
  • 18 minutes of time saved per execution
  • 290+ person hours saved per quarter


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A complete end-to-end testing experience.

Install the Cypress app and write tests locally.

Set up tests

Installing Cypress is simple. No dependencies, extra downloads, or changes to your code required.

Write tests

Write tests easily and quickly, and watch them execute in real time as you build your web application.

Build up a suite of CI tests, record them and gain powerful insights.

Run tests

Debugging your tests in CI is as easy as running tests locally. With built in parallelization and load balancing.

Record tests

Record CI test data, screenshots and video - and view aggregated, next-level insights in your Dashboard.

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