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How Userlane dramatically reduced flaky E2E tests with Cypress

Wednesday, October 28th @ 1PM EDT/10AM PDT

Userlane's interactive, step-by-step guides help users
instantly use any software without formal training. Find out how the team uses Cypress to increase stability, improve performance, and ensure quality for their CI/CD process while maintaining developer happiness.

Tune in on October 28th to learn how Userlane's engineering team reduced their failed test runs from 50% to 2%.

In this webcast, we’ll cover how Userlane's engineering team moved all of their E2E tests to Cypress within just one week, and how they reduced pipeline duration by 400% using parallelization, tripled the number of specs, and quadrupled the number of their test cases. 

Next, we will dive into the process of writing stable E2E tests, including:

  • Creating dedicated test environment setting guidelines for writing tests
  • Making tests retry-able
  • Designing tools to enable developers to write tests faster

Finally, we’ll conclude the webcast by showing how this process increased Userlane’s confidence in releasing more often, while reducing review times and the number of detected bugs on production.

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